sail 4 cancer – Christmas Update

22 Dec sail 4 cancer – Christmas Update

This year 4 Cancer has delivered over 2,700 respite days – a record for the charity. Each respite day means that someone living with cancer is having a day away from that reality; whether they are on a boat or a bicycle, out on a lake, up a mountain or down by the sea, it’s a day of fresh air, fun, togetherness; it’s a day of creating memories, recharging batteries, moving forwards and regaining the strength to carry on in the daily battle that is living with cancer. In 2016 over 480 people will have benefitted from a day, a weekend or perhaps a week of respite with 4 Cancer, and YOUR support has helped to make this possible.


As part of the team who works with the families and individuals that we help, I learn at first-hand the huge difference that these breaks make. So many of our families have truly heart-breaking stories; it’s a real privilege to be able to help them find a little bit of happiness in their darkest hours – and it’s only thanks to the support of people like YOU that we can do this.