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The purpose of Superyacht Charities is to promote and assist in the raising of funds for charities that superyacht professionals both participate and donate to.


The situation with COVID-19 continues to cause concern and will surely escalate further in the coming weeks.

We have taken on board input from our major sponsors, the event venue and many of the table hosts which all paints a consistent picture that travel restrictions and concerns of many about a gathering of this size mean that the event would not be a success and so we can confirm that it will not be taking place on the 28th March.

We are looking at the possibility to re-schedule to a date some time after the summer and will be able to provide more information on that possibility in coming days.  We are considering a smaller event later this year as a substitute so that we can maintain our larger main event early (end of March) next year. If this is not feasible, we will need to consider cancellation.

On behalf of the charities we support, we wish to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors, contributors and donors for their continuing support and all our volunteers for their work so far.

January 6, 2020

Superyacht Ball 2020

2020 will be our 5th year of running this great event. 520 guests from across the Superyacht Industry

Promote and Assist

Combining years of experience in the Superyacht industry to help those that need it most.


We are joined by a team of people who help in fundraising, find out how you can help Superyacht Charities.  


100% of donations make there way to our chosen charities. Funding a wide range of good causes.


Throughout the year we run a number of events to raise awareness of our charities and raise money for good causes.


Along with our yearly nominated charities, our SYC fund is able to act fast to send money to where is needed in case of emergency. 

Facts and Figures

Contact us to find out how you can help 



Raised in 4 years



Event Attendees in 2019 alone



Of your money reaches charitable causes.

All this by us running ………. one event a year from 2015 to 2018.

In 2019 we ran 3 events. In 2020 we are running 4 separate events…….

Thank you to all our amazing supporters.

Our Events

Join us and help us raise money for charitable causes.

Superyacht Ball
Hampshire, UK
The Seafarers Supper
Palma, Spain
London Winter Ball
London, UK