SYC Beneficiaries

Superyacht Charities Foundation has raised over £850,000 from within the Superyacht sector of the Marine Industry and distributed this to a range of charities and good causes. 

The majority of these funds were raised through the Events that we normally hold during the course of each year and for which we have always nominated one or more charities as Beneficiaries.

In addition, we maintain an Action Fund from which we make smaller ad-hoc payments to other charities and good causes throughout the year. This fund also exists to provide help to those who need it within our industry, with a specific focus on yacht crew.

We thought it would be useful to share with you the charities and good causes we have supported over the years.

Cote D Azur (Event Beneficiary)

Antibes Lifeboat

Antibes SNSM Lifeboat is the largest lifeboat in Alpes Maritime department, providing sea rescue around the Cote D Azur and sometimes on occasion called out almost as far as Corsica. The lifeboat relies entirely on donations. It is manned by a volunteer crew who give their time and risk their lives for no financial reward. They are on emergency call 24/7, 365 days of the year. We are ready to put to sea within 15 minutes of a shout.
Oceans of Hope
United Kingdom (Event Beneficiary)

Oceans of Hope

Oceans of Hope is a UK based charity which organises sailing events for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We are the home of the award-winning Oceans of Hope Challenges, offering people from all over the world the opportunity to sail alongside others with MS.
United Kingdom (Event Beneficiary)

Rona Sailing Project

The RSP is a registered charity and a volunteer-based Sail Training organisation. They run therapeutic voyages for groups of vulnerable adults and young people, including those with learning disabilities, mental health issues, in treatment or recovery from substance misuse, and those who are living with chronic conditions.
United Kingdom (Event Beneficiary)

Sail 4 Cancer

Sail 4 Cancer provides water-based respite days and holidays for families affected by cancer. For a day or a week, Sail 4 Cancer takes cancer patients and their families away from the disease and the nightmare that they are living through and offers them the chance to rebuild relationships, create positive memories and have some quality fun time together.
Palma de Mallorca (Event Beneficiary)

Save the Med

Save the Med has a mission to enable the Mediterranean Sea to recover its rich biodiversity and to thrive in harmony with prospering, environmentally conscious and proactive local populations.
Palma de Mallorca (Event Beneficiary)

Shambhala Fundacion

The Shambhala Foundation seeks to serve, help and promote vulnerable young people in Mallorca who lack opportunities, education and / or guarantees. The aim of the Foundation is to advise young people so that they learn to honour and respect themselves, and their environment. The Foundation helps young people to reach their full educational, intellectual, physical and social potential, through participation in four integrated programs.
United Kingdom (Event Beneficiary)

Team Endeavour Racing

Team Endeavour Racing is open to Wounded, Injured and Sick (WIS) serving personnel and veterans. It uses powerboat racing as a transition vehicle supporting and empowering team members into future employment, training or education, utilising peer mentoring and providing support and assistance through its partners.
United Kingdom (Event Beneficiary)

Turn to Starboard

TTS uses sail training to support Armed Forces personnel affected by military operations. They help serving and retired individuals and their families.
United Kingdom (Event Beneficiary)

Wet Wheels Foundation

Wetwheels provides the opportunity for all disabled people, including those with profound and complex disabilities, to access the sea in a safe, stimulating and rewarding way on board specially built, fully accessible powerboats. By offering the opportunity to experience the sea – not just as passengers, but as active participants – we build confidence and improve physical and mental wellbeing.
Palma de Mallorca (Event Beneficiary)

Yachting Gives Back

Yachting Gives Back is a food-raising campaign in which the yachting industry – both yachts and service companies – are helping to alleviate the problems of poverty and hunger in the Balearics. Since we started our collections, we have been offered lots of miscellaneous items including old uniforms, bedding, galley equipment etc. and we have managed to make good use of all of them!
Antibes (Action Fund Beneficiary)

Antibes Lifeboat

Antibes SNSM Lifeboat is the largest lifeboat in Alpes Maritime department, providing sea rescue around the Cote D Azur and sometimes on occasion called out almost as far as Corsica.
United Kingdom (Action Fund Beneficiary)


The International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) is a membership organisation which works to promote and support the welfare of seafarers all over the world. SYC is supporting a mental health initiative for yacht crew.
United Kingdom (Action Fund Beneficiary)

Mission Gorda - Serve On

International Response Team members worked flat out to install an emergency radio system on the hurricane-hit island of Virgin Gorda, supported by the SYC Action Fund… and just in time. No sooner had the team enabled digital radio communications across the entire island and neighbouring settlements, and begun to provide an emergency FM radio system in case of future hurricanes, than the local authorities were keen to use them for public awareness broadcasts.
United Kingdom (Action Fund Beneficiary)

Status Row

3 women who rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic to challenging the everyday use of plastic and support the Marine Conservation Society. The team raised awareness on this issue and funds for the Marine Conservation Society.
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St Tropez (Action Fund Beneficiary)

St Tropez Lifeboat

“Saving human lives” has no price, but a lifeboat has a cost. The SNSM station in Saint-Tropez cannot function without the financial assistance of its generous donors – including SYC Action fund.

United Kingdom (Event Beneficiary)

Disabled Sailors Association

Our Vision – to allow all disabilities the ability to participate rather than spectate.
Our Mission – to give people of any type of disability the freedom to explore their ability, potential and place through inclusive sailing adventures.
United Kingdom (Event Beneficiary)

Sailing Therapy

Sailing Therapy is a sensory activity aimed at the learning disabled.


This non-profit charitable organization operating for just over 25 years works with under privileged families and single women with children.

Eligibility Criteria

For a cause or charity to be eligible to receive funding from SYC, we look for them to meet our four tenets of eligibility:

  • A minimum if 90% of the funds received must go to the work or benefit that they provide
    We do not want funding to be consumed by internal administration costs and the like
  • The organisation should be volunteer led
    We aren’t interested in supporting those with numerous paid executives in charge.
  • They cannot already be receiving government grants or funding
    If they are, we want to support other causes who don’t have that level of support
  • They need to be connected some way to our yachting world.

These tenets mitigate towards our support going to smaller, volunteer charities that generally have challenges in doing their own fundraising.  From time to time, the charities that we have supported in the past outgrow these criteria and cease to be eligible.  We see this as a natural consequence of their increased success and are proud to have played a part in their development.

If you know of a good cause you think we should support, email us at